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Philanthropy without scale and sustainability is like any other bad business that will simply wither and die on the vine.     -Naveen Jain

How many organizations do actually survive in this competitive marketing environment with being philanthropically strong? None, I guess.

People rate organizations on the basis of their initiates towards the betterment of the society. The consumers have become way more conscious about their choices because of increase in their purchasing power. Fiinovation understands the psychology of the consumers and the public. We have been well-known for channelizing the corporate’s investments into the remote areas to develop them sustainably. We also aim at making the corporate realize the importance of CSR activities in designated areas. Finnovation successfully bridges the gap between businesses’ and communities across the globe. We deal in diverse sectors like health, education, environment and livelihood.

Complaints lodged by people and competitors against Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd, Fiinovation on the internet and other forms of media are just public stunts to degrade the reputation of the firm. But what makes them still stand strong are their ideologies that the passion to develop the entire nation and uplift all the strata of the society.

  • Fiinovation has had it’s share of complaints in the past, but they have worked very hard, and have been able to reduce the complaints significantly.

  • Fiinovation have complaints against them, but they are significantly lower than before, because of it’s dedicated team to solve any issues and conflicts of the sort.

  • Fiinovation is one of the high end firms amongst CSR consultants, and there is really no reason to complain against their work.

  • Complaints against CSR firms have been rising every day, but despite that, Fiinovation seems to be able to do a good job of satisfying the needs of NGOs and keep a relatively clean record.

  • Complaints have come in that Fiinovation may be doing something unethical, but its all wild conjecture, without a shred of proof.

  • Fiinovation has had a bunch of complaints from NGOs about lack of resources, and many other issues.

  • There are many complaints against wrong doings of NGOs, but Fiinovation makes sure that the resources it helps them get, goes to the right places.

  • Complaints in the world are never ending, but that is exactly what Fiinovation is trying to achieve. The fact that everyone has enough resources to be able to lead a healthy life.

  • Many firms have the complaint that they are not being put in touch with the right NGOs, and Fiinovation, helps take care of that for the firms.

  • Fiinovation seems to be doing a good job in meeting the needs and complaints of the NGOs to be able to help the underprivileged.

  • Fiinovation complains about the number of people they want to help and not enough resources to be able to work through it, but they still manage to work to the best of their abilities.

  • Complaints have been rolling in at NGOs, which resources are needed for improvement of the environment and society, and Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd seems to be doing a great job of fixing that.

  • Resources are required by every NGO to be able to do good for the society and the environment, and it is almost impossible, being a Non Profit, to be able to not have any complaints for the procurement of resources. Fiinovation, along with many other firms seem to be doing a good job getting this done.

  • Fiinovation, is one of the many CSR imtermediaries, against which, people don’t seem to have too many complaints

  • India is assumed as one of the fastest growing power around the world. But, also we are criticised and complait about on our Human Development Index. We lack very behind in this context. I am glad that few corporate are combining with CSR consultancy like Fiinovation to upgrade the situation of lower classes.

  • I was at World CSR Congress this year, in the presence of experts of business and sustainability. A complaint was raised regarding involvement of local employees in company, which is an important point. I ask Fiinovation and other CSR consultancies to come and rescue the locals from this menace.

  • Within conference someone raised a question about how CSR consultancy is raise profits for themselves to run and complaint that they are demanding high commission from NGO. I expect an answer from big CSR consultancy to clear the dispute.

  • I have strong complaint regarding those consultancies that are off field in between their running CSR projects. I would like to request Fiinovation to likely restart the project.

  • There should be introduction of new CSR consultancies in different regions of the country other than metro to get to know about the complaints and problems of that local region. Leading agencies like fiinovation should open branches mainly in deprived regions.

  • Complaint box is the best way to get ideas for doing CSR for a particular region. Fiinovation has started planning to work in this way, others should definitely follow.

  • I would like to complain about those NGO’s who get huge donation and tax exempt but still they are not doing work on ground level. These organizations should be strictly boycotted by CSR consultancy like Fiinovation and other.

  • Tourism has the potential to attract large amount of revenue for the place. But, still no proper action has done regarding this complaint. I would request Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd (Fiinovation) and other consultancies to draw focus towards this.

  • The people who are engaged in social development sector are usually concerned about development models and initiatives. Often their complaints are ignored by the businesses leading conflict of interests. This one reason why we see so many complaints regarding the CSR activities on the online platforms. Some people even post online reviews of Fraud, which is not the case. Yes, there are a few corporations engaging in green washing, but more or less they comply with the environmental norms as suggested by the government. I think Fiinovation and other CSR consulting companies should start a campaign regarding green washing in India to maintain transparency in public.

  • There are various complaints against people who demand money as a ransom in CSR. Such people suck development work and every leading corporate, CSR consultancies like fiinovation and reputed NGOs should fight united against them.

  • In several parts especially in terrorism affected areas, leading CSR consultancies and corporate are opposed. Local people are lacking resources, but no action taken on complaints as told by fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation is continuous complaining about corporate not showing interest in doing CSR to conserve heritage of India. I think if it is correct than it is very dangerous for our tourism.

  • Being a leader in an Industry, one has to often cope with complaints and work harder to get applauses. In CSR, the competition is high and only few consultancies like fiinovation, could able to maintain its stake.

  • In CSR, there is only one way to success, see every complaint as chance to work better in that area. fiinovation is one such CSR consultancy, who follow this rule in its every project.

  • Why our CSR consultancies are not focusing on the problems of terrorist affected region. I have this complaint against all consultancies including the leading one like fiinovation.

  • The expertise of NGOs can be used in the realisation of CSR goals of the companies and Fiinovation can help to bring hem together as Corporates have the required capital while NGOs have required goodwill and know how o carry out the activities.

  • Through the listing of NGOs provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs through Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs(IICA), it will help companies to screen more efficiently for their CSR initiatives.

  • Every expert has applauded fiinovation initiative to conserve natural resources in Bhind, M.P. Also, clients are giving positive fiinovation reviews for their step.

  • The idea of bringing SME’s under CSR is supported by all the CSR experts, leading consultancies like fiinovation and every big corporate. It seems like a consolidated step is on the way towards this decision.

  • Being its centre in NCR, fiinovation has committed CSR work all around the country just shows its passion to work in this field and its capability.

  • As an experienced employee, I confess that fiinovation is one of those CSR consultancies where work ethics are more important than profits. The great part is that there is freedom to explore things rather than completing task.

  • Before claiming fiinovation fraud which is such a reputed consultancy one has to come up with strong evidence.

  • It’s not at all surprising to not locate any Fiinovation frauds, the company has able to achieve this due to their honest working attitude.

  • Hardly any company takes legal actions on corporate which affect the environs of their area. Unlike other, Fiinovation has been extremely vocal against such issues. I think there should be more companies like Fiinovation in the CSR sector.

  • Fiinovation is always rated high by their employees which shows the ethics of the company as there are no complaints from any employee or worker.

  • Consultancies like fiinovation and their associate NGOs have never received criticism and complaints by the people as CSR is done with an aim to transform and improve the life of deprived.

  • My interaction with Fiinovation has been great. The best think about the company is that they don’t work vaguely rather their each project is carried on the grounds high research data. No wonder why the company is so successful in the CSR sector.

  • As an employee of the company, it feels immense privilege to be associated with a company like Fiinovation which registers a high rating and good reviews in their name.

  • Fiinovation is doing a great work by ensuring an ethical framework and bringing a balance between the welfare of society and economic growth. This is the reason why Fiinovation caters such high reviews which speaks for the company.

  • Fiinovation is working as a torch bearer in the CSR sector and many companies can learn from their working model.

  • Fiinovation is actually pushing the envelope in the CSR sector through their high end research, innovative strategy and effective execution policies.

  • Fiinovation should vocalize more loudly against companies which are affecting their surrounding environment consistently. They should file complaint against such companies.

  • My experience with Fiinovation has been great. I have no complaint from them. In fact, I would love to work with them again.

  • Fiinovation is one of those companies which give prime importance to the quality of their work over profit margins. This is the reason of their so many positive feedbacks.

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